Mixing &  Mastering



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By listening on various different monitoring and playback systems during the process, I make sure that every element within your session is balanced and blended precisely.

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With the use of applying precise EQ techniques, each element within your track will be enhanced to their full potential, with presence, body, space, and color.

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Compression determines how dynamic your song will be. With proper use of compression, I will ensure that every element within your track has the optimal dynamics, and will be represented correctly on any playback system.



By using a combination of reverbs, delays, and stereo image processing, each element will fit cohesively together, and have a sense of space and depth, making it a more enjoyable and interesting listen for the listeners.


From experience of being a music producer, I always strive to make it feel like tracks are coming alive. I achieve this by using creative effects processing if it fits for a particular track.


By mastering final mixes, I ensure that your track will be able to compete with other commercially released tracks volume wise. Additional processing is also added in the mastering stage, to make sure the song is represented in its best light possible.



The Nues - Hold The Phone (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
Durand Robertson - Industry/Star (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
IVG Music - Intro (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
The Loft - The Fall (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
Lil E Ft. Lil Sco - 80's Love (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
Jay Meadows - Let Me Know (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
Dyllyn Greer - Her Interlude (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
Sky Santana - High (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
Meech Maine - Gasmask (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
Disko Lips - Phase 1 (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
Shuhandz & High Flown - Apex (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)
High Flown Beatz - (Preview)(HF Mix & Master)



Mixing &  Mastering

I look at mixing as an art form more than it being something technical. With over 8 years of producing my own music, I've developed a deep obsession on how tweaking elements within a song by using particular mixing techniques, can really transform a track. It will shape the way you feel about the music if it's done right,  and I understand just what a track needs to be brought to life. The music that I work on, I make sure I spend the time and effort to make sure it will sound impactful, and also make sure that it translates correctly on all monitoring systems for proper playback for any occasion. You spend countless hours working on your tracks to get them to where you want them. By sending it to me for this final and essential process, I will make sure your music shines, and is carefully polished, so that it can be presented in the brightest light possible.



Mixing &  Mastering

Fill out this form if you'd like a quote for your song or project. For general questions, email highflown@highflownmixing.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I need to send you my files to my song/session?

1. Consolidate ALL the tracks so that they start at the beginning and end at the same time. This step is important, because by doing this I can be sure that everything is in sync correctly. 2. Leave your tracks dry with no effects or processing on them. This includes reverb, delay, compression, eq, etc.). This enables me to start from scratch and have more flexibility when mixing, and in turn makes it possible for me to produce a better mix for you in the end. *If you have tracks that you feel like it absolutely needs a specific effect on it because that is part of it's sound, thenyou can leave it how it is.* 3. Make sure all of your tracks are panned up the center. Make sure none of the tracks are clipping (louder than 0db in the red). Turn the tracks down if necessary so that they are not clipping. 4. Export all of your trackouts/stems into a single folder. *For better results, export your stems at 44.1 kHz, 24 Bit Wav files. If possible, only send Wav files, as they are higher quality than Mp3 files which will make the mix turn out better in the end.* 5. Please make sure to state the BPM of your song or instrumental. Send any reference songs you would like your song to emulate by sending me a link, a file of the song, or just simply stating the song with the artist and song name, that way I can search it myself. List any other information regarding the song or instrumental that you think is important to know as well. 6. You then would need to put all of your files into a ZIP or RAR file using something like WinRAR, 7-zip, or any other type of file compressing software. Once your files are zipped, you can choose to send your file via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Sendspace, or any other free online host for transferring files. All you need to do is upload your files using one of those services, and send it to this email: highflown@highflownmixing.com

What files will I receive when my project is finished?

Upon completion of your mix & master, you will be sent these files: - A 16 Bit 44.1 kHz Wav File - A 320 kbps 44.1 kHz Mp3 File Instrumental, Acapella, and Live Performance versions can also be sent upon request, and those will also include: - A 24 Bit 44.1 kHz Wav File - A 16 Bit 44.1 Khz Wav File - A 320 kbps 44.1 kHz Mp3 File

How many revisions can I request after receiving my mix back?

You may request up to 2 rounds of revision notes after receiving your mix if required.

How much are your mixing & mastering services?

Price can vary depending on multipe different factors with your projects including the following: 1. # of songs to be mixed and mastered 2. # of audio tracks in your song(s) 3. Need for pitch correction/tuning 4. Need for clean version/radio edits 5. Need for live performance files

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